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Reading of Sweet Morning!  April 27th, 2014...more info soon...


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April 27th, 2014: BIG NEWS! My play, Sweet Morning, will receive a reading by the Hudson Warehouse Theatre Company!

The Really BIG Pirate Show!
We recently presented a reading for the highly anticipated original musical extravaganza: The Really BIG Pirate Show!, written by myself and composed by none other than...Kellie Johnson.

The Really Big Pirate ShowThe Really BIG Pirate Show! is the story of Samuel, an orphan who dreams of adventure and seizes the day by signing on to a ship as cabin boy, and only later realizes that he has joined a band of pirates. Even worse, he discovers that he has been cursed with a magical Heart of Gold, buried deep in his chest, and it just happens to be the legendary treasure that everyone is looking for.

In his quest to find true freedom, Samuel's adventures bring him face to face with ravaging pirates, gruesome ghosts, a bloodthirsty uncle, a murderous queen, and a villianous Sea Hag!